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News Reports - April 15, 2018 Private Wealth Canada  News

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One of the challenges in estate planning is deciding whether to limit what you pass on to your heirs so that you don’t spoil them. Most of us became wealthy through hard work, commitment, and our own ambition. We hope our children end up sharing these values and following in our footsteps. Read more

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1958 Ferrari Precedent Set When Former President Attends Auction

Once again, the Phoenix/Scottsdale area was mobbed with buyers and tire kickers for Auction Week 2018 in January. Whether this was due to a booming stock market or the horrendous winter being experienced in the northeast is debatable, but, regardless, the city and the auctions were delighted to welcome them, as were the hotels and restaurants, which were sold out.

Senior businessman mentoring colleague Capitalizing on the Changing Office Landscape in Canada
The nature of work, how we work and where we work is constantly changing. The traditional model of commuting to the urban core to work, and then retreating to the suburbs to live and play has been supplanted by the livework-play ethos of the millennial generation
catching money And Now For Something Completely Different

Adding Credit Alpha in the Context of an Institutional Portfolio

The Growing Networking Opportunity Sinology

The Chinese Communist Party’s decision to abolish presidential term limits is potentially damaging to the long-term prospects for establishment of the rule of law, but is unlikely to have a significant impact on near-term economic prospects or the investment environment.

1958 Ferrari Concours

In 2017, Concours in the Hills featured 647 cars and one genuine Vietnam era Cobra Gunship helicopter.

RRSPs Overlooked as Personal Net Worth Macro Trend Changes For Gold In 2018 And Beyond
Remarks by Nick Barisheff, president and CEO of BMG Group Inc., at Empire Club of Canada’s ‘Investment Outlook 2018’
woman with globe What Is The Role Of A Collection Manager
The relationship between a collector and collection manager necessitates a high level of trust. In this article, we outline some of the foundational roles and principles that should be expected.
Senior businessman mentoring colleague What To Look For In A Collection Manager?
The collection manager can be a valuable partner to a collector. But what should the collector be looking for in a collection manager? In this article, we explore the role of the collection manager.
oil price graph Chasing Benchmarks
In my new book ‘Recalculating: Find Financial Success and Never Feel Lost Again’, I tackle a number of common challenges in financial planning that cause even very sophisticated people to lose their way. One of these is how investors can go about evaluating the success or failure of their investments.
couple with financial advisor Your advisor... worth nearly 3%?
A relationship with your advisor, that provides you with in-depth understanding of your financial and personal situation and ongoing guidance and advice for life’s major moments, can be one of your best investments.
The Growing Networking Opportunity POWERING HYBRID ADVICE IN CANADA
Canadian Investors, typically conservative in their approach to wealth management, show an increasing openness to using technology to cut costs and maximize returns.
Arrow breaking out of wall Proposed Changes to Business Income Tax Rules: A Gamechanger for Private Business Owners
On July 18, 2017, Canada’s Minister of Finance released proposed changes to the Income Tax Act (Canada) that, if implemented, will mark one of the most significant reforms to Canada’s tax system for business income in decades
Arrow breaking out of wall The Sudden Wealth Paradox
Most of us are comfortable with becoming wealthy gradually. Over the years, we build up equity in our homes, our earnings increase, and we can afford nicer things, like a better car or a more exotic vacation. But, when a sudden windfall happens – from the sale of a business, the sale of a house or farm, an inheritance, or even lottery winnings – the results can be unexpected.
RRSPs Overlooked as Personal Net Worth Gold: A Zero-Risk Monetary Asset
During the 2008 financial crisis, gold was used in international settlements as a zero-risk asset after many decades of being sidelined in the monetary system. Since then the world’s central banks have been substantially increasing their official gold reserves. Gold’s old emergency usefulness resurfaced, albeit behind closed doors, at the BIS in Basel, Switzerland.
woman with globe All in the Family: The Family Shareholders’ Agreement
The family (whatever that looks like for you) is the fundamental unit of our society, and the family business a fundamental cog of our economy. Investing in both the family and the business by entering a family shareholders’ agreement, and updating it as family and business evolve, can help maintain family harmony and successfully transition the business to the next generation, at the same time.
1958 Ferrari Scottsdale Auction Week January 2017 – Volume Up, Prices Down
Scottsdale, AZ, in January when the north is freezing under a blanket of snow. Sound appealing? Well evidently it is to many others also since there was over US$260 million in sales from the now seven auctions held over the space of one very hectic week. The tally may have been even higher had rain not affected the results, doubtlessly keeping some sipping margaritas in dry hotel bars. In fact, the average sales price dropped by over 10 per cent much to the delight of buyers and concern of the sellers.
couple with financial advisor Estate Planning In The Age Of Assisted Dying
In three years (lightning speed in the law), medically assisted dying went from being illegal to being legal. A great deal has changed, a great deal will still change, and a great deal of uncertainty remains. But one thing is crystal clear: people want the option of medically assisted dying, and they want to plan for that option
Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains, Switzerland Paso Robles – A Less Commercial Napa
Anyway, in a momentary leave of sanity, the editor of Private Wealth Canada asked me to do a story that combined a great driving road with interesting destinations or activities. Now since I’m Australian, and as everyone knows we invented drinking, I thought that a drive to wine country would be perfect.
Senior businessman mentoring colleague Canadian CFOs And The Prince of Wales’s A4S Project Join Forces On Sustainability
CFOs from all industries are asking the same questions: How do we achieve sustainability in a way that is financially viable over the short and long-term? And, more importantly, how do we do this without compromising operational performance or the value we provide to our customers, pensioners, and other stakeholders?
Personal Experience Tops Luxury Business Travel Trends
The world economy is poised to regain momentum and business travelers are increasingly seeking luxury-level travel experiences for employee group getaways, company-sanctioned prospecting, and entertaining activities and individual free-time itineraries, alike. With so many options in what’s become a very mature luxury marketplace, where will attentions be focused this year for corporate travel departments, road warriors, and those in between? One notable development is that high-end business travelers want ever more unique and personal experiences proffered with an extraordinarily high quality of service.
The Growing Networking Opportunity Labour And Capital In The Age Of Trump
On the heels of the U.S. presidential election, the ‘Trump reflation trade’ buoyed equity markets as investors focused on the potentially growth-enhancing aspects of the president’s agenda, particularly infrastructure investments, tax reform, and regulatory rollbacks. A general consensus emerged that these business-friendly reforms would spur economic growth and, ultimately, ‘good’ inflation.
Senior businessman mentoring colleague The Myth Of Gold Confiscation
If we experience a debt crisis, as many economists believe is inevitable, many people believe that their holdings of gold and silver bullion will be confiscated, just as in 1933. This article reviews the probability of confiscation and compares it to other more likely measures to generate government solvency.
oil rig Oil And Gas Industry InvestorLit 2017 Review

This review looks at three main topics:

  • “The Oil and Gas Industry” CFA Institute Publication is a 124-page industry guide written by an oil analyst, Jen Zimmerman and published in March 2016. It is available on the CFA website.
  • Oil and gas publications by Alliance Bernstein, Energy Aspects, and RBC which are all are very recent and were provided by John Berry, a senior manager at Foyston Gordon Payne (FGP) who was also one of their former oil analysts.
  • Oil and gas articles from a collection of publications which include the Economist and Bloomberg.
Arrow breaking out of wall Emerging Markets Positioned To Add Value
Given the volatility and risks generally associated with emerging markets, some may ask ‘why there and why now?’
couple with financial advisor Canadians With U.S. Connections: Key Estate Planning Strategies
Connections between Canadians and the U.S. have never been as numerous or transparent as they are now: many Canadians own U.S. property, have U.S. spouses or partners, and have children and grandchildren born or living in the U.S. As of January 20, 2017, Donald Trump is President of the U.S. If he repeals or otherwise changes U.S. inheritance taxes, as he said he will, things won’t just change for Americans; they’ll change for many Canadians, too.
Arrow breaking out of wall Rates Rising? Inflation? … A Case For Dividend Growth
After the longest bull run for bonds in history, does the election of Donald Trump as president of the U.S. signal looming inflation and an inflection point for markets? Should investors sell bonds and other interest rate sensitive securities to embrace a Trump inspired, pro-growth economy in the United States? Will fiscal policy and monetary policy in the U.S. finally lead to higher interest rates?
couple with financial advisor Do-It-Yourself Ethical Investing Pays!
Many investors could increase profits and assemble a portfolio more in accord with their personal values if they actively managed their own investments.
Global markets It’s About Time
If people put money away for long-term goals rather than near-term expenses, why are their investment decisions so short-sighted?
Senior businessman mentoring colleague Ransomware Poses Cyber Threat To Business
Why is ransomware so potentially dangerous? Well, if you are an entrepreneur running a business – public or private – or if you are in charge of a department at a large organization, you could be vulnerable to an attack. Likewise, if you have financial assets that are largely controlled by technology – and who doesn’t? – you could also be victimized. And the consequences can be huge.
building a strong structure Panama Papers Cause For Concern
The Panama Papers could represent a new chapter for your financial planning. While the whole episode gets into freedom of the press, privacy laws, and constitutional rights, the bottom line is that those with assets or investments abroad and who set up entities to try and minimize their tax burden, should be concerned.
Arrow breaking out of wall Currency Exposure: Diversifier Or Unrewarded Risk?
Currency movements have the potential to impact significantly the return and risk profiles of globally-invested portfolios, especially in an environment of renewed talk of currency wars. In parallel, fears over the state of affairs in China and other developing economies have led to a flight of capital into perceived ‘safe haven’ currencies such as the U.S. dollar or the Japanese yen. The currencies of commodity exporting, or otherwise cyclical economies, have been caught in this maelstrom; in particular, the Canadian dollar sold off sharply along with the price of oil.
Global markets Fintech & The Future Of The Investment Profession
Fintech isn’t just a buzzword anymore. Although we are in the early days, it’s clear that fintech has taken the financial services industry by storm and is here to stay. New technology promises to revolutionize (or at the very least, streamline) the financial services industry by increasing efficiencies, lowering costs, offering better access to services, and creating a more convenient and personalized experience.
Federal Budget answers Cottage Planning
For many families, the cottage is a proud piece of heritage that holds fond memories and maintains family ties. Many would choose to preserve it more than any other family asset, and would find ways to keep its ownership within the family. But in leaving the cottage to their children, owners need to be aware of potential tax consequences and prepare ahead to ward off potential family disputes among their children once they are gone
Voting Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
A year ago, it seemed likely that debt-ridden Greece would be the first country to exit the 28-country European Union (EU). However, that distinction now looks likely to go to the United Kingdom. In the British leave/remain referendum held on June 23rd, voters decided that Britain should leave the EU, marking the beginning of what is being referred to as ‘Brexit.’
Lessons Wage Against The Machine
Something has the rate of wage growth in a vice grip and labour slack alone can't shoulder the blame.
Biz Jet Insights: Are Private Jets Safe?

Since 2007, there have been 106 fatalities on the smaller planes, compared with 50 on airlines, records show.

Airline crashes have become rare because carriers take steps to protect against pilot mistakes. Most civil aviation authorities around the world don’t regularly inspect many corporate aircraft operators and pilots are often left to decide when it’s safe to land or how many hours they work.

Using A Trust In The Context Of Family Law: Are You Really Safe?
Although a trust is a valuable financial, tax, and estate planning tool, does it allow one to ‘shelter’ some assets from the public order rules which apply in the context of family law?
cake with lots of burning candles And Then There Was None: Canada Sells its Gold
Canada, bucking an international trend that has seen central banks become net buyers of gold since 2010, has sold off all its official gold holdings. Canada's official international reserves released by the Bank of Canada (BofC) on February 23 showed gold reserves at zero. This is unprecedented. Canada now stands as the only G7 nation that does not hold at least 100 tonnes of gold in its official reserves.
No Lack Of Long-Term Value In Emerging Markets No Lack Of Long-Term Value In Emerging Markets
The New Year hasn’t brought much relief for long-suffering emerging market investors. However, there are attractive opportunities to be found for investors who are able to look past the short-term macro noise.
oil rig There Is No Free (Liquid) Lunch
The topic du jour in the corporate bond world is liquidity, or, more specifically, the lack thereof. Despite significant growth in the size of the market, it has become increasingly more difficult to buy and sell corporate bonds without moving prices.
The Growing Networking Opportunity The Growing Networking Opportunity
It has been a volatile year for the global financial markets. Despite all the market noise, however, there remain diverse investment opportunities in global equities
Fast Train Of Innovation Passing Managers By Fast Train Of Innovation Passing Managers
Blindsided by innovation? Don’t become a statistic.
Lessons Three Investment Lessons From 2015
Every year our team devotes a couple of our regular Wednesday morning meetings for reflection on the year that has passed. This is a chance for our team to review the insights, errors, and observations that were made in the preceding 12 months and learn from each other. We thought we’d share three of these lessons.
Arrow breaking out of wall A Tactical Opportunity: Sell High, Buy Low
This year I’d like to discuss a tactical opportunity, a market disparity that exists because of an artificial low in the gold price, and an unsustainable high in financial assets. Everybody understands buy low and sell high. The opportunity for 2016 is to sell high, buy low.
investing in building Apple was a middle market company once
Capturing the growth potential of the mid-market private equity universe
catching money Pensions Defined Benefit Plans: Death Or Rebirth?
The past two decades have seen a dramatic decline in the number of defined benefit pension plans offered by large employers in the private sector. A variety of factors explain this decline.
woman with globe The Bulls Strike Back
Not so long ago, in a galaxy not far, far away, equity markets shed more than 10 per cent of their value. It was a period of great terror and despair. Investors lived in fear of a slowing global economy and the Empire unleashing their much dreaded weapon, the Fed rate hike.
Arrow breaking out of wall What Are Billionaire Investors Doing Differently
The number of people on the list of global billionaires only seems to be growing, with a reported 1,826 making the cut this year. Despite recent disturbances in global markets including troubling commodity prices, stock market shocks in China, and a weakened euro, 290 newcomers were added to the ranks in 2015 alone. With a combined aggregate net worth of $7.05 trillion, it’s simplistic to attribute their phenomenal success to being in the right place at the right time. So the question remains ‒ what sets this group apart?

financial plannerNEW - Private Wealth Travel Section

Visit our new travel section for hotel reviews, maps, and videos. More to come in the upcoming weeks. View the section


financial plannerFinding The Right Financial Planner – What Do You Look For?

We all work hard to attain some level of financial well-being for ourselves and our loved ones. Read more


wheels investmentsThe Wheels Haven’t Fallen Off These Investments

At a time when owning stocks has become anathema, there exists an investment opportunity that actually combines capital appreciation with intense pleasure and considerable excitement. Read more


private jet travelPRIVATE JET TRAVEL

Other than for the richest executives in Canadian business, private air travel was once beyond reach for chief executives who were not amongst the ranks of the highest paid. Read more

Arrow breaking out of wall Breaking Down Barriers: P2P Lending Matches Lenders With Small Businesses That Need Hard-to-get Working Capital
Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending may be the biggest innovation in financial services since the invention of the ATM. The advent of the Internet and lack of funding options for small businesses from most banks meant an alternative lending option was needed to fill the gap. This is where P2P lenders come in. P2P lenders offer what is often referred to as a marketplace platform that matches borrowers with lenders who get access to a new asset class: small business or consumer credit.
couple with financial advisor Canadians Unprepared For Wealth Transfer
More than half of Canadians expect to leave assets upon their death, but when it comes to having conversations about transferring their wealth, many (47 per cent) say they have not discussed it with their family or a financial advisor, says a survey by CIBC. On top of that, 79 per cent say they haven’t discussed the financial and tax implications of an inheritance with a financial advisor.
1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Another Year, Another Record
In the two weeks leading up to the ‘Collector Car Auction Week,’ the S&P dropped over three per cent. The pundits took this as a sign that other investments would also fall., and surely the wealthy would be more cautious about buying expensive toys.
woman with globe Private Wealth Canada Interview: Making The Case For Emerging Markets Debt
Nicolas Jaquier, emerging markets economist at Standard Life Investments, spoke with Private Wealth Canada about some of the elements of using this asset class.
investing in building Investors Invited To Real Estate Table
Has the appeal of real estate investing lost its lustre in the face of continued negative press predicting an impending burst bubble? For many long-term investors, the answer is no.
Wall St. and Main St. When It Comes To Investing, Going Global Can Make World Of Difference
The relatively small size and concentrated nature of the Canadian stock market means that those in the Great White North are at even greater financial risk than most.
Wall St. and Main St.

Bring Main Street Back To Wall Street
In 1940, the new firm of Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Beane brought a revolutionary approach to investing, believing that the capital markets could be democratized and that Wall Street could be brought to Main Street.

oil rig A World Without OPEC
After decades at the helm of global oil markets, OPEC appears to be relinquishing its status as designated ‘swing producer.’ This is a big deal if it occurs as it would mean the OPEC we used to know is dead.
oil price graph Fidelity Viewpoints: Canada’s Oil Slick
Oil prices have collapsed. As I write, the benchmark West Texas Intermediate oil price sits at $55 per barrel – barely half of its level of six months ago.
Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains, Switzerland Switzerland: More Than Chocolate And Skiing
Who knew that the Swiss made great wine? Or had arguably the world’s best lamb? Or that, despite rumours to the contrary, they are very friendly?
couple with financial advisor Take Steps To Save Now
Canadians are in danger of paying more taxes than necessary if they put off reviewing their potential tax savings strategies for the 2014 tax year until the spring, says CIBC's tax and estate planning expert Jamie Golombek.
building a strong structure Re-engineering Risk - By: Jane Mancini
Risk and volatility are the new normal for today’s investment managers. In a fast-paced and highly changeable environment, a strategic yet adaptable approach to risk management has become one of the defining characteristics of leading asset managers.
Ursula the orangatan Monkey See. Monkey Do.
Traveling is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get! No apologies for the slight misquote, but it certainly applies to travel and never more so than on our recent visit to Camp Leakey in the Tanjung Putting National Park in Indonesian Borneo.
stock prices Setting Up Protection From HFT Predation
While the majority of high frequency trader activity in the market is deemed as positive by many participants, there are strategies that exist which are believed to be ‘predatory’ in nature.
Penalty Kick Common Biases Of Goalkeepers And Portfolio Managers
Simply put, not taking action may be the best course of action.
1958 Ferrari Recession? What Recession In Collector Car Market?
Arizona’s world famous Auction Week in January set new records that remove any doubt as to the health of the collector car market.
Senior businessman mentoring colleague Supplemental Pensions And Key Employee Retention
Most business owners will agree that the most important company asset is key employees. How then to keep key employees/executives motivated and with the company to retirement?
Bull standing on coins The Return Of Returns - a white paper by 18 Asset Management
In 2013, active Canadian equity pooled fund managers enjoyed their best year since 2001, with over 90% beating the S&P/TSX Composite Index.
Man looking at Wall St. sign An Industry That’s Lost Its Way
When the finance industry is viewed – rightly or wrongly – as rigged, benefiting only the inner-circle of the wealthy few, investors will look elsewhere.
Global markets Look Outside Canada For Equity Opportunities
Now that the world’s economic engines appear to be in gear, with only the occasional sputter, equity markets are in a good position to continue their winning ways through 2014. And by far the best place to reap these rewards is outside Canada.
catching money Will Self-directed Investing Simplify Your Life? 
Making the decision to become a self-directed investor really comes down to one thing: Will managing your own wealth make your life better and help you achieve your financial goals?
Welcoming the new year Twelve Days - And Maxing Out Your RSP…
‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ has become a holiday favourite over the years. In the spirit of this traditional festive carol, RBC Wealth Management offers ‘The 12 Tips of Tax Planning’ to help with the important weeks ahead in the annual tax-planning calendar.
Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve's Centennial Birthday – The 100 Years' War Against Gold
On December 23, 2013, the U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) will celebrate its 100th birthday. This speech takes a look at the Fed’s real accomplishment and the practices and policies it has employed during this time to rob the public of its wealth.

Executors' Challenges

Help Now Available For Executors’ Upcoming Challenges
A culmination of recent surveys, statistics, and legislative changes indicate a perfect storm for challenges facing executors, and the winds are already blowing.

4 'Aha' Thruths

4 ‘Aha’ Truths For A Changing Corporate Landscape
Technology is moving much faster than many of our institutions - while it continues to change the way people interact with businesses, many corporate leaders are still operating as if it didn’t exist.

Robin Hood

Budget Steals From Rich And Not So Rich
Tim Cestnick and Heather McGeorge say Federal Budget 2013 "can best be described as one that even Robin Hood would disapprove of." "Budget 2013 steals from the rich, and some who aren't so rich, and gives little to nothing to the poor."

graph of connected devices

Information Is Power, If Used Intelligently
The world of Connected Lives is booming, driven by the Internet and new digital technologies. It has never been easier to communicate, search for information or let yourself be entertained by the endless digital media offered on-line. Full story >

cake with lots of burning candles

Gold Outlook 2013 And Beyond: Three Key Concepts That Affect Retirement Income And Wealth Preservation
The world that retirees and pensioners face today is quite different from the world in which they attended school, raised a family, and prepared for their golden years. Full story >

cake with lots of burning candles

Living To 100: Can You Afford It
The latest figures from Statistics Canada show that more Canadians are reaching the 100-year milestone than ever before. It also reports those of us who reach age 65 can expect to live on average another 20 years in retirement. Full story >

Book cover - A Canadian's Best Tax Haven Retiring To The U.S. Tax Haven
My 30 years of experience in advising Canadians in international tax and financial planning matters told me that a desired tropical lifestyle and reduction in living expenses is available to most Canadians, literally right beneath their noses in the form of the United States of America. Full story >
Collector Car Collector Car Market Grows Stronger
It's not just the Dow and TSX that have made sizeable gains in the past few years, the collector car market has shown amazing resilience as it continues to set record after record. Full story >

IPPs: The Overlooked Solution
If the goal of reformists is to ensure the provision of an adequate tax-assisted solution for individuals not covered by broadly-based employer-sponsored pension plans, it would seem that the media and many commentators have simply overlooked a solution that has been available since 1991. Full story >.


Checking Off The Bucket List - Gorillas In Rwanda
Having checked 122 countries off my bucket list, I've seen a lot of amazing sights and have experienced many incredible adventures, but right up at the top of the list is trekking Silverback gorillas in Rwanda. Full story >.

Will and assets

Beware The Estate Executor Role: When You Don't Know What You Don't Know
So, you're preparing your will and you want to name your executors to manage the administration of your estate. You decide upon relatives or trusted family friends .... Full story >.

Boardroom meeting

Wealth Strategy: The Single-Family Office
Managing several million dollars of private wealth can be demanding, but when the wealth grows to hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, managing it has unique challenges and complexities. Full story >.

Money and social media

Investment Advice Through Social Media – The Red Flags
While financial tips and advice are plentiful online, locating useful advice tailored to one's financial needs and risk tolerance is not always so easy. Full story >

Passing on money

Trusts Can Reduce Taxes
The primary function of a last will and testament is to name the beneficiaries of the assets of your estate. However, under some circumstances, it may be good planning to include a trust in your planning. Full story >

Greed-Fear diagram Investors Not Always Rational
In classical economic theory, investors always behave in their own rational self-interest. Recent research in the field of behavioural finance shows that this is often not the case. Full story >
Startup Investing The Rise Of Startup Investing
It isn't much of a stretch to suggest that the options for investing in technology startups are approaching limitless. This is thanks in large part to a technology cycle that is seeing the barrier to entry lowering on a continual basis... Full story >
Voting The State Of Say On Pay
The number of Canadian issuers that have agreed to provide their shareholders with the opportunity to vote on an advisory resolution on executive compensation, or say on pay vote, has slowly continued to increase. Full story >
Stock Exchange The Evolution Of ETFs
Private Wealth Canada staff writer Karen Treml recently had an opportunity to discuss exchange traded funds (ETFs) with Barry Gordon, president and CEO of First Asset Capital. Full story >
Contemporary Art Contemporary Art: An Alternative Investment
Since Palaeolithic times, art has been an expression of human emotions and passions. So too has money and so the fact that art and money are inexplicably tied is not that surprising. What does surprise many, however, is the marriage of contemporary art and money... Full story >
Estate Planning Estate Planning: New Considerations
Tto reflect the changing realities of the world around us ‒ such as increased longevity, rapidly expanding technologies, and changing family paradigms ‒ traditional approaches to estate planning need to be broadened... Full story >
Federal Budget answers Federal Budget Impacts Financial Plans
This overview provides answers to some of the more popular questions arising from the proposed 2012 federal budget.
Full story >
Scales of Justice Supreme Court Of Canada Upholds New Test For Residency Of Trusts
The Supreme Court of Canada has released its decision in Fundy Settlement v. Canada . A unanimous panel of seven judges dismissed the taxpayer's appeal... Full story >
IPPs IPPs Are Alive And Well!
We are pleased to announce that Finance Canada has amended the tax measure on past service contributions to an Individual Pension Plan (IPP). The revised tax measure restores the effectiveness of the IPP.... Full story >
risk chart Acrobat ReaderThe Paradox of Low-Risk Stocks - Gaining More by Losing Less (Alliance Bernstein)
After the serial market jolts of the past decade, investors prize stability as never before... Full story >
Gold graph #1 On Your Bucket List - Monterey Car Week
Sure there's the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England, and the Concorso D'Eleganza Villa d'Este in Italy, and how could anyone overlook Auction Week in Scottsdale, AZ. However, you can have all three in just one place in less than one week... Full story >
Gold graph Gold's Healthy Pullbacks On Long Road To $10,000
Gold will continue rising in value over the coming years for one reason: the primary buyers are purchasing physical gold for wealth preservation, and there simply isn't enough physical gold to satisfy their appetites. Full story >
Bank Image Investing With Whole Life Participating Insurance
The foundation of any good financial plan ensures that risk is mitigated with respect to potential losses as a result of unforeseen circumstances. Full story >
A Home Away From Home Vacation Private Houses, A Home Away From Home Vacation
After hearing the pros and cons about booking holidays in someone else's home, we decided to try it out with our extended family for a vacation in Hilton Head, SC. For our family, 'extended' meant three adults and two dogs. Full story >
Don't 'Pass On' Your Family Business Here's A Radical Idea: Don't 'Pass-On' Your Family Business
Never in the history of civilization has so much wealth been created inside businesses – equity now sitting as cash, inventory, receivables, intellectual property, and goodwill. This wealth represents a lifetime of risk-taking by family business owners who created enterprises that beat the odds. Full story >
Housing Bubble Housing Bubble  – When Will It Burst ?
Are we in a housing bubble? We all know the old saying – “what goes up must come down.” Housing prices have consistently increased for well over a decade now. Full story >
SERPs SERPs In Public Corporations ‒ Problems & Solutions
Supplemental Employee/Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs) are now common in most public corporations. In the 2008 Towers Perrin SERP Report, 88 per cent of public corporations have a SERP. Full story >
inadequate_income Retirement Income Inadequacy Increases Significantly after $150,000
In a Study for the Institute for Research on Public Policy, No. 17, April 2011, ‘Projecting the Adequacy of Canadians’ Retirement Income,’ Michael C. Wolfson found that “about half of the late baby boom generation with mid-level earnings... Full story >
Welcome Family Wealth Management

Welcome To The Family Wealth Management Business
According to various estimates, there are currently approximately 28,000 households in Canada with investable assets in excess of $10 million. Full story >

Adventures in Fractonal Ownership Adventures In Fractional Ownership
While my husband and I always dreamed of owning a cottage, it just didn't make sense to buy and maintain another property we could only use a few weeks a year. Full story >
The Fit Factor The FIT FACTOR
Like a sports team, your organization is only as good as the weakest link: Sport focuses on talent that fits because winning depends on it. Full story >
RRSPs Overlooked as Personal Net Worth RRSPs Overlooked As Personal Net Worth
While many entrepreneurs count the value of their business as a key component of personal net worth and a significant contributor to retirement income, it's also essential to establish a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) and to maximize contributions to it. Full story >
Entrepreneur Key Success Tool Business Planning: An Entrepreneur's Key Success [Planning] Tool
As an entrepreneur, you are at the core of economic development, creating both jobs and wealth. Don’t let unexpected illness or sudden death send your accomplishments up in smoke on account of poor planning. Full story >
Fee Only Financial Planning Fee-only Financial Planning
Financial planning is not just about investments and insurance – and it is definitely not doled out by your father’s door-to-door salesman type of financial advisor any more. Full story >
Relevant Investment Benchmark The Only Relevant Investment Benchmark
Most people agree that bad habits are hard to break. The unfortunate reality, though, is that the global investment management industry has developed a really bad habit over the past several decades. Full story >
Female Mentor Driving Female Talent Development Through Mentoring
The career advancement gender gap is closing. A new report indicates that, in America, 2010 saw the lowest income disparity between the sexes on record, currently at 17 per cent, down from 24 per cent a decade ago. Full story >
The Regulatory Bug The Regulatory Bug
In the past two years, the fastest growing industry globally has been regulation. Full story >
Saving For Retirement Saving For Retirement – What Is Your Equilibrium Point?
Worried about whether you’re saving enough for retirement? You may not be doing as badly as you think. Full story >
climate change 'Climate Change' Fails to cool luxury auto sales
Although the media is overflowing with talk about the way ‘climate change’ is forcing people into smaller and more economical vehicles, upscale automakers apparently haven’t heard about it yet. Full story >
retirement planning When it comes to retirement, planning is everything
U.S. President Dwight D Eisenhower once said, “Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” Full story >
super sedan Lots Of Action In The Super-Sedan Segment
Although some manufacturers of luxury automobiles are sulking over slow sales and coming up with various reasons why their bottom lines aren’t looking too good right now, a solid number are recording exceptionally strong performances. Full story >
preserving personal wealth Preserving personal wealth
Driven by low interest rates and easy credit, businesses and consumers have been taking on excessive leverage and ignoring downside risk. That same leverage is now being unwound and financial asset prices are falling dramatically. Full story >
destination clubs recover Destination Clubs Recover From Crisis
While the turbulence of the financial markets and the decline of real estate values on a global level have left few industries unaffected, these were just a few of the comments that executives within the Destination Club industry made as their clubs were forced to cease operations in late 2008 and early 2009. Full story >
5th protocol How Changes To 5th Protocol Affect Internationally Mobile Employees
The fifth protocol to the 1980 Canada-U.S. Tax Treaty contains three changes of particular interest to high net-worth individuals moving between these two countries. Full story >
estate planning Estate Planning - Preserving The Family Cottage
Whether it’s the cabin, condo, chalet or cottage, your vacation property is likely full of happy family memories that you wish to preserve for future generations. Full story >
banks stepping up services Banks stepping up services for the affluent market
High net worth individuals represent a strong and growing sector in Canada – one which banks are closely watching and trying to attract as customers. Full story >
rich gearing down Even the rich are gearing down
A lot of Canadians have grown rich this decade from sky-high commodity prices for oil, gold, potash, nickel, and coal, as well as increases in real estate values. Full story >
philanthropy Effective philanthropy made easy
Charity is as old as recorded history. Individuals and organizations are motivated to give to charity for a variety of reasons. Some just have an impulse to give in order to help others. Full story >

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Here is a sampling of articles that have appeared in Private Wealth Canada magazine over the last few years.  If you would like a copy of any past issue/article please email Cathy with your name, address, etc., so we can mail you what you need.  Thanks for your interest.”

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Going Private With Your Investments
Private Residence Clubs Owning A Piece Of Paradise
Tailor-Made Benefits Plans For Top Executives
Negotiating Executive Severance Packages
Estate Planning For The Senior Executive
Using Trusts In Wills To Split Income
Executive Compensation: Should We Care?

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